Born in Bologna in 1982, Claudio Nader started drawing at 12. He then studied art, painting and theatre.
He worked as illustrator and cartoonist, while starting a career in the field of communication, digital media and marketing strategies.
In recent years he approached non-figurative art, working on concepts of movement, relationship between elements, forces, and lights. His approach shifted from 'drawing with his hand' to 'painting with his body' on large walls, influenced by works of street artists and authors such as Alexander Calder, Joel Shapiro, Henry Moore, Shingo Araki, Brancusi.
. In 2007 he curated LeCtura Fumetto, a course about reading and interpreting comics focusing on the synergy between linguistic and visual features.
. From 2003 to 2007 he worked as an illustrator and cartoonist for RAI fiction and other animation projects, focusing on figurative drawing.
. In 2011 he moved to London and developed a creative Facebook CV project, which awarded him recognition from international media and led him to a career in the field of communication.
. in 2016 Claudio opened a studio in Bologna and began to investigate non-figurative painting.
. In the same year, after having worked on his first canvases, he painted his first mural,  which explores new shapes and visions.
. In June 2017 he opened his studio doors to the public to present the exhibition “Predisporsi alla Felicità”.
. In the same year he painted canvases and walls commissioned by private individuals, and  two new large murals: the first one is a thirty meters long artwork realized for the town of San Giorgio di Piano; the second one was painted for the restaurant of chef Cesare Marretti in Bologna.
. In 2018 he started focusing on digital artworks, painted through digital brushes created by the author itself, characterized by the use of fluorescent colors and variegated shapes.
Currently, Claudio Nader lives in Bologna and, along with painting, he has started exploring sculpture.